Safety on the River


  1. Swimsuit or other fast-drying clothes you don’t mind getting wet.
  2. River shoes – sports sandals or old sneakers or anything else you don’t mind soaking and getting muddy.
  3. Sunscreen
  4. A spare pair of glasses or contact lenses. If you wear glasses, a sports strap to hold them securely on your head. String doesn’t work – a former copy editor tried and had to be led around for a whole weekend after a mishap on a rafting trip.
  5. Sunglasses: see above on the sport strap.
  6. Brimmed hat with a strap.
  7. Whistle.  PA Fish & Boat Commission requires on the water.  We’ve been told that a kazoo also works:  See US Made Kazoobie Kazoos.
  8. Optional – change of clothes if you really don’t want to be wet at the bar.
  9. If it looks like it will be cold on the river (not bloody likely) DO NOT WEAR COTTON on the water. Wear polypropylene or wool or something else that won’t hold gallons of chilly water close to your skin. 
  10. If it looks cold or rainy, bring a rain jacket, which also can double as a windbreaker.  DON’T USE A PONCHO – Chris can give you the gory details why not.
  11. Life jacket, properly worn. If you rent a canoe or kayak, the outfitter should provide you with one.  Do you have a boat but no jacket? Check with the organizers – we have a few spares.
  12. Drinking water
  13. Boat & Paddle
  14. Snacks
  15. Money & ID for brewery (leave it in the car…)


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